Personal Insolvency

People at times through ill advice try to defend a Statutory Demand or Bankruptcy Petition and lose a great deal of money or even their homes. Therefore, it is vital to obtain sound advice from a specialist to deal with any such issue.

It is also important to choose the most suitable option when enforcing a judgement order to recover any monies owed. Failure will result in further unnecessary costs being incurred.

Our experience in dealing with businesses and our commercial awareness is an asset when advising clients under these circumstances.

Corporate Insolvency

Limited Companies require specialist legal advice in defending a Winding Up Petition. If the defence fails, often substantial costs are incurred and winding up becomes inevitable.

Specialist advice is also vital when issuing enforcement proceedings for debt recovery. It is vital to be aware of the debtor’s financial circumstances before embarking on proceedings to recover monies owed to the Company.

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